CEGES® T-serie control valves

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CEGES® Control Valves T series CEGES® use their final control element, the valve plug, to influence process variables. These process variables are predominantly pressure and/or flow.
Where Regulator Valves (eg. REGES® T series) are entirely process powered, control valves are externally powered. They generally make use of instrument air or instrument gas which is regulated by its positioner.

The CEGES® T-series control valves use an Electro-Pneumatic positioner but any actuator/positioner required for the application can be implemented as the modular GFS™ design of products & independent philosophy enable this. This can be done conform customer and end-user specifications.

The input to which the positioner acts is a current/analogue (mA) or SMART/HART signal from one or more transmitters measuring the process variable(s). The positioner itself contains a highly adjustable set of parameters against which this input signal is evaluated in order to determine its output. The resulting output from the positioner is a controlled instrumentation pressure.
This output subsequently acts upon the Actuator which in turn positions the valve plug to influence the process variable(s).

Should it be required, a booster (LEVES®) can be added to further amplify the output from the positioner for faster valve response. Combining a positioner with high reproducibility together with accurate process feedback transmitters assures an accurate control system.

The position of the actuator, and in extension the position of the valve plug, is detected using a servo potentiometer or by equivalent method. This information is fed back to the positioner creating a reliable feedback control loop.

For manual operation, a handwheel can be added. Adjusting this handwheel overwrites the automatic regulation and the valve plug can be set at a desired position

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