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The SAGES® T91 series are globe-type valves. They operate as direct acting, spring loaded slam shut devices (SSV) designed to quickly shut-off the gas flow completely and automatically when the monitored pressure exceeds the preset value (Over Pressure Shut-Off).

The SAGES® T91 can additionally be configured to close when the inlet pressure drops below another preset value (Under Pressure Shut-Off). Under normal operation conditions the device stays in full open position.
The main components of the SSV include a controller (DEGES®), a trip mechanism (TIGES®), an actuator, a closing member, seat, body and bypass (EGALES®).

The controller contains a spring setting element to adjust the set value of the trip pressure and a pressure detector element (diaphragm), to feedback the monitored pressure and compare this to the set value.

Main Components: Controller, Trip Mechanism with manual reset button, Actuator + Closing Member, Seat, Body and Bypass.

The trip mechanism TIGES® releases the closing member and actuating spring when activated by the controller DEGES®. The device enables additionally the complete opening of the SSV when relatching the mechanism. The bypass (EGALES®) allows for manual pressure equalization across the SSV prior relatching.

The closure of the SSV is initiated by the activation of the controller DEGES® and subsequent unlatching of the trip mechanism TIGES®. The pressure sensed by the controller DEGES®, is typically connected downstream of a pressure reducing valve (please direct to the REGES® pressure regulators in the product selection guide). The unlatching can be initiated by a rising pressure at a preset value, as well as by a falling pressure at a preset value.
The trip mechanism features a multistage unlatching design to assure complete decoupling from process conditions. A remote shutdown feature is available as well additionally on the standard manual shutdown button which is available on all TIGES® relay boxes.

Technical details

The Fastest Closing & Responsive Over- & Under Pressure Protection! Accuracy up to AC1 according European Pressure Directive EN14382.

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