SAGES® Safety Shut-off Valves

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Safety Shut-off Valves/Slam Shut Valves (SSD acc. EN14382) SAGES® are intended to be used as means of pressure protection for a downstream piping section or network by shutting off the gas supply instantaneously at exceeding a preset pressure limit. Reopening shall not be automatically nor remote, only manually and local.

For our globe-type Safety Shut-off Valves we refer to the SAGES® T91. If you require an axial-type Safety Shut-off Valves please direct to the SAGES® L91 for the small sized valves or contact your representative for client-specific application.

Need for a remote shut-off operation, switch combination or other position indication? Contact our sales department for our (certified) solutions.

Technical details

  • Design Pressure up to 250bar
  • Inlet Pressure Range up to 250bar
  • Design Temperature minimum down to -30°C - lower temperatures available
  • Design Temperature maximum up to 150°C - higher temperatures available
  • Accuracy Class (AG) up to 1
  • Closing Time <1s
  • Note: Other ranges & client-specific attributes available on request
The Fastest Closing & Responsive Over- & Under Pressure Protection! Accuracy up to AC1 according European Pressure Directive EN14382.

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