Pneumatic Remote Set Point Control

Product group REGES®

Apart from being able to generate a variable output pressure for the consumer, remote setpoint control of a regulator in a gas pressure reducing station can also allow a user to remotely switch operation from one run to another (eg. active to standby) or allow flow distribution between the various lines of the station.

An electric signal is converted into a pressure by means of an I/p converter. The output of the I/P converter (Ps) is connected to the pilot’s reference chamber (RC). The possible setpoint bandwidth which can be achieved with the electric input signal, is the output range of the I/p converter.
Please note that the pilot controller can still be operated manually. The outlet setpoint can be changed by means of the pilot’s second stage set screw (A12). This makes the system flexible in operation. When the I/p converter is not powered, or if the signal is lost, a user is still able to change the outlet setpoint locally.

The I/p converter can be gas- or instrument air operated. For a gas operated I/p converter, a GFS™ PIGES® M62 instrument gas pressure regulator with relief valve is to be installed in front of the I/p converter (PR).

Technical details

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