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GFS™ Pressure Regulators, REGES® T-series (PRV, PCV acc. EN334) allow pressure control for a downstream piping section or network by reducing the pressure to a preset value independent from supply pressure and flow rate. When configured as monitor, the pressure regulator is intended to be used as both downstream pressure protection and pressure control.

GFS™ Pressure Regulators, REGES® T-series are pilot controlled self-acting control valves. The REGES® T-series designed to maintain the controlled pressure as preset within its tolerance field irrespective of disturbances, such as flow, inlet pressure or temperature variations. The main components of the PCV include a control member, actuator, seat, body and pilot controller PIGES®. The pilot contains a setting element to adjust the set value of the controlled pressure, a pressure detector element (diaphragm) to feedback the controlled pressure and compare it with the set value, a valve system which provides the motorization for the actuator.

GFS™ Pressure Regulators, REGES® T-series are two-path pilot controlled type regulators. These regulators feature a direct feedback loop onto the main line valve for fast response and an indirect feedback loop onto the PIGES® pilot controller to minimize steady state deviation.
The main line valve intrinsically counteracts any flow and pressure disturbance by its direct loop and actuator force equilibrium. If assuming a constant motorization and auxiliary pressure then an increase of flowrate and decreasing downstream pressure will lift the valve instantaneously from its seat to restore the equilibrium while allowing a larger flow passage. Likewise an opposite scenario pertains to an increasing outlet pressure and decrease of flowrate.

Technical details

  • Design Pressure up to 250bar
  • Inlet Pressure Range up to 250bar
  • Design Temperature minimum down to -30°C - lower temperatures available
  • Design Temperature maximum up to 150°C - higher temperatures available
  • Minimum Differential Pressure 0.3 bar to 0.7 bar
  • Accuracy Class (AC) up to 1
  • Lock-up Pressure Class (SG) up to 2.5
  • Lock-up Pressure Zone (SZ) up to 2.5
  • Note: Other ranges & client-specific attributes available on request.
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