REGES® T84 & T88 Pressure Regulators with Incorporated Safety Shut- Off Valve

Product group REGES® SAGES®

All product variations of the REGES® T-series pressure regulators have an inlet pressure balanced valve sleeve that ensures a flow force independent valve motion, without the use of a complicated balancing construction. Its design enables an outstanding rangeability (better than 1:1000) while maintaining an accurate outlet pressure. The requirement for a start-up run is therefore eliminated and both high and low pressure differentials can be handled. The OptiFlo© valve flow pattern of the REGES® T-series results in very high valve flow coefficients.

A SAGES® T91 safety shut-off valve is incorporated in the REGES® T84 & T88 valve body. The fail action can be “Fail to Close” (T84) or “Fail to Open” (T88). Both actions are available with monitor or active/worker funcionality. The inherent safe design of the incorporated SAGES® T-series safety shut-off valves ensures a fast non-bleeding and non-venting shut-off. The smart transversal and rotating latching mechanism makes vulnerable valve stem designs, typically through the top flange, obsolete. The simple pressure balanced valve assembly, in combination with a robust mechanical design, enables the valve to cope with high fluid velocities and system vibrations.

Technical details

  • Design Pressure up to 250 bar
  • Inlet Pressure Range up to 250 bar
  • Design Temperature minimum down to -30°C
  • Design Temperature maximum up to 150°C
  • Minimum Differential Pressure 0.3 to 0.7 bar
  • Accuracy Class (AC) up to 1
  • Lock-up Pressure (SG) up to 2.5
  • Lock-up Pressure Zone (SZ) up to 2.5
  • Note: Other pressure and temperature ranges are available on request. Contact us for attributes and Accessories such as Remote Set Point Controller & Position Indication.
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